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An inadequate explanation of my passion for photography

A Passion for Photography

Photographe, 2008 (c) Robert Ashby

Welcome to my new blog, “A Photographic Mind”.

Why start a blog on photography when there are already hundreds, thousands of other blogs already?   Well I suppose that everyone starts a blog when they think that they have something to say that other people might be interested in.   I recently gave a talk about my photography book collection that was well received (it’s not the first time that I have done it), and I thought that I might start to share and explain my passion for photography.   And I have found that I really like writing, particularly about photography.

Photography is one of my passions, and has been for a long time.   I am not a professional photographer, though there was a time when I earned a fair part of my income from working in the photography industry – directing a photography festival (see LINKS).    I try to attend as many exhibitions and festivals as I can, at the same time spending more of my time now on my own photographic projects, rather than putting other peoples’ work on walls and websites.

I will write about the books that I add to my collection, the books already in my collection, photographic work that I find online and the various photography exhibitions, festivals and events that I get to.   This is intended to be a personal response to these things, rather than an academic, intellectual or independently critical approach.

I hope that you find it interesting, give me comment and feedback, and that we can explore the wonderful world of photography together.


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July 12, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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